Where You Are DROPS Tomorrow ! ! !

Where You Are DROPS Tomorrow ! ! !

Oscar Duncan

"Let Go"

Let Go - By Oscar Duncan

The Movement has begun #JOE™

The Movement has begun #JOE™

Live @ Dream Center “Winter Cool Down 2011”

Club Koinonia Promo 2011


Oscar Duncan’s Bio

Oscar Duncan has a unique style of expression that appeals to a lost generation. The sound of his music stems from his gospel upbringing with a hip hop, pop, country, r&b, soul blend. These are real life experiences poured out in musical form to uplift the broken-hearted. Oscar’s goal is to do a new thing with music because it has lost its touch with today’s generation.  This new style makes you want to dance, laugh, and cry. Each song takes you on a journey through his life.  He knows he’s not alone in what he has gone through growing up in today’s society, his music is a testimony to share with the people in hopes to touch a generation and inspire them.  Everyone is waiting around talking about a change that is needed; Oscar is taking risks in hopes that this new thing will spark a fire in the music industry & across the nations that spreads like wild fire, turning the hearts back to the creator.

Oscar Duncan has captivated many through the use of his awesome ability to communicate through his body by way of dance.  He has worked with the likes of Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribbett,Mary Mary, 21:03, and Tyrese for the BET Celebration of Gospel and the 2006 Praise Party New Years Celebration. Also, from the stage to the screen, you can catch his krump style in the Kirk Franklin music video for “This Is It.”  His gift in dance has led him to the silver screen as well in the new Wayan’s Bros. feature “Dance Flick.”  Not only a dancer, Oscar  has participated in the stage play Born 2 Reign produced by Brandon Rainey showing us his singing and acting capabilities as well. 

While he is an extremely talented young man, he does not forget where he comes from and gives back to his community the best he knows how.  In 2006, he received the Youth of the Year Award from the Boys and Girls Club of America, Venice, for his outstanding leadership skills.  He has since gone back to work at the Boys and Girls Club as the Teen Assist Coordinator/Audio Engineer Programer, Teaching & empowering youth through music.

EyeAmMuzic is God’s Muzic

So a lot of you maybe wondering where did “EyeAmMuzic” come from??? Well EyeAmMusic has a deeper meaning. EyeAm is a reference to The Great I AM, and The Great I AM is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is The Great “I AM.” It is the personal name of the God of the Old Testament (Exodus 3:13-14). On several occasions it is recorded that Jesus used the “I AM” formula in attesting to His deity. This is not my Music but it is EyeAmMuzic…

The greatest of all the names for the Lord Jesus Christ is the “I AM.”

PISE-Positive Images Of Self-Expression  

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